Get Ready Boston: Joyride Office Coffee and Cold Brew Kegs are Coming Soon!

You heard it here first, Boston - the moment you’ve all been waiting for - Joyride Coffee will begin operations in the greater Boston area in early 2017!


With Joyride Boston opening its doors, now cafe-quality office coffee, cold brew on tap, iced tea on tap and kombucha on tap are available for businesses in Boston and other nearby Massachusetts locations.

A Joyride Nitro tap, poured for a satisfied customer in San Francisco.

A Joyride Nitro tap, poured for a satisfied customer in San Francisco.

Tell your friends, family and more importantly your office manager, because your daily office coffee woes are about to come to an end! Say goodbye to that sad, sad K-cup machine. Bid adieu to super bitter office coffee that you can only enjoy with excessive amounts of milk and sugar. Say hello to the world's best, direct-trade coffee in your office, every day.

Your tastebuds will thank you. Your mornings will be brighter. Your fellow employees will have a noticeable spring in their step. 

Joyride is now offering Bostonians the same amazing office coffee selection, high-end service and cafe-quality brewing equipment - the perfect office coffee setup - currently in place at the most innovative companies in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Finally, Boston doesn’t have to settle for an underwhelming cup of coffee in the office anymore.

Joyride has been working hard for months to get the wheels in motion, motivated not only by repeated customer demands from the area, but also by the blossoming third wave coffee scene in Boston and our overarching mission to make cafe-quality office coffee accessible to anyone who wants it. For these reasons, Joyride decided that now was the time to expand to our fourth city. 

The Boston coffee scene will never be the same with Joyride in town!

The Boston coffee scene will never be the same with Joyride in town!

Not only will Joyride offer a menu of fresh, locally roasted, third wave coffees and cafe-quality brewers for offices, but also our unparalleled kegs of cold brew iced coffee, cold brew iced tea and kombucha on tap. Now you can enjoy a locally roasted, perfectly brewed cup of coffee from the likes of George Howell in the morning while looking forward to a chilly glass of kombucha pulled from your office kegerator in the afternoon.

For those in Boston excited about the prospect of Joyride for your office, we’re collecting a wait list of interested offices looking to upgrade their coffee program with cold brew kegs and cafe-quality office coffee on day one. We're also offering our keg service to local area cafes looking to set up a craft on draft keg program for their customers. You can join hundreds of offices and cafes around the country that already serve Joyride products every day!

If you’re a Massachusetts office interested in learning more about great office coffee, or a Boston-area cafe, university or institution looking to set up a keg program, contact us below and tell us more about yourself - we’d be happy to customize a Joyride program just for you!