George Howell Coffee at Boston Public Market

As Joyride opens up our newest location - Joyride Boston - to provide great beverages, including craft cold brew, kombucha and cafe-quality office coffee to the city, Joyride is running a series of cafe profiles written and photographed by our co-founder and middle brother Adam Belanich.

The George Howell Cafe at The Boston Public Market

The George Howell Cafe at The Boston Public Market

Neighborhood: North End, Haymarket
Great For: Espresso, pour-overs, 1lb bags, much more in the market.


Opening in 2015, the Boston Public Market created a craft food haven amidst Boston’s bustling outdoor Haymarket food stalls.  Selling everything from knitting wool and local cooking stones to charcuterie and fresh vegetables, the market has the flair of New York’s Chelsea Markets or San Francisco’s Ferry Building, but with an explicit focus on local Boston-area partners.

Notice the signage for George Howell, you can see that the beans were roasted a grand total of 24.5 miles from the market itself! It's difficult to get more local than that!


Nestled in amongst so many great food stalls this George Howell location has a laser focus: coffee done well.  

George Howell only carries a single blend - the Alchemist, which is used on espresso. Everything else – from their pour-overs to their decaf options – are all single origin. This must-visit location is nestled right in the heart of the market, so it doesn’t offer porcelain (the only missing aspect I would have enjoyed). 

Up until this point the only other option for good coffee on the North End was at Thinking Cup (with coffee from Stumptown), if you are looking for high-end third wave options.

Here at Boston Public Market, the bustle market makes a great backdrop for a stop in. I’d recommend getting a pourover and walking the aisles, which are full of other tempting, local goodies. While you’re at it, you may want to grab a bag to go – the selection is wonderful thanks to George’s penchant for freezing green coffee.

If you find yourself in Haymarket of the North End, check out George Howell, located at 100 Hanover Street.

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