Happy Bones - Café Review

If Italy is known for its espresso, then Little Italy is known for Happy Bones.

After hearing all the raves about the cortado (and its infamous turquoise shell spoon—see below), I decided to give it a try. For those avid black coffee drinkers like myself, here’s a brief coffee lesson. Cortado is a shot of espresso mixed with an equal portion of steamed milk. The name derives from the Spanish word meaning “to cut," in reference to how the warm milk cuts through the intensity of the espresso.


Counter Culture Toscano Espresso “cuts” with lightly steamed milk to give it a nice, smooth texture. The coratdo enhances the sweetness and notes of cocoa, but I recommend the “no milk, no sugar” option to truly appreciate all the flavors.

Even though there are only three tables, the open white space creates a relaxing vibe and the window facing the street makes for an excellent afternoon of people-watching. Or flip through a few books hand picked by Happy Bones.

By the way, #dailycortado (the Spanish-inspired drink has became so popular in the modern coffee scene that it deserves its own hashtag).

Happy Bones
394 Broome Street New York, NY 10013