Better Booch was born to create a local alternative for Kombucha connoisseurs who preferred the small batch approach. 

Trey, one of the co-founders of Better Booch, became interested in kombucha, due to its alkalizing benefits, from a recommendation by his sister, who religiously consumed the beverage through her extensive and victorious bout with cancer. Ashleigh, the other co-founder, developed a love for tea in high school, while she worked at a tea house in Orange County. Together, they believed they could create the best tea-based kombucha on the market. 

From the first day selling at Farmers Markets, Better Booch was a hit and quickly grew into one of the most prominent kombucha breweries in Southern California. This love for kombucha, tea and creativity also grew into a love for each other and Trey and Ashleigh married in October, 2015. 

Better Booch is now a small family of passionate brewers, dedicated to the craft of making kombucha of the highest quality. Joyride is proud to offer this exquisite kombucha to our customers in Los Angeles.